5 tips for a Rock ‘n’ Roll Wedding!

5 tips for a rock n roll wedding

So you want a Rock N’ Roll wedding? I mean who doesn’t  if your reading this you probably thought about it or are planning on as your reading this. I mean as if the sounds of metal, screamo, classic or alternative rock don’t get you going maybe you decided on this type of soiree because it appeals to your edgy nature. It may describe and embodies a sense of who you are or maybe you have wanted a rock n roll wedding because you just love the culture. Whatever your reasons maybe be just don’t question it, its your soiree, and today I am going to showcase some tips and tricks to have a Rock n Roll wedding!

Many of my readers may not know this, but rock music has been my first musical love. I have always been drawn to this music, attending concerts, and being apart of this culture.  Throughout college  that feeling never died or was outgrown with the addition of my other musical tastes such as edm, pop culture, r&b,  country, or any other musical genre. Now that you have learned a little information about the girl behind this soiree it’s time to get started. So while your reading these tips, and falling in love with these inspirations don’t forget to put on some of your favorite artists and just jam out because life’s short not to. Pssst We came as Romans is a great band to jam out to, just saying.

1. Be Unique

Truly as a rock n roll couple nothing is off limits. Feel free to be yourself and embrace what makes you unique. Stepping outside the box is one of the things I love about rock n roll weddings because they are not typically the conventional winter wonderland wedding with just a white dress and sparkly princess shoes. Rock n Roll brides and grooms embrace their personalities, character and style their wedding the way they want. For example, the bride featured above is seen wearing a gorgeous short wedding dress, pretty pink heels, and a lovely mix of tones in her bouquet. Forgetting about the status quo of what traditional weddings should be creates a dramatic memorable wedding style.

2. Incorporate your style
Style….let’s face it rock n roll guys and gals have a lot of it so  when planning your wedding or any particular event accentuate your style. Remember, this event is about you so it’s time to make every bit of it your own and showcase what makes you the person you are at your event.

3. Bold Colors

Leave a lasting impression on your guest by stepping outside the box and incorporating bold colors for your event theme and design. If you are having trouble determining what colors to use at your rock n roll wedding just look for inspiration online on Pinterest, Tumblr, or Google Images for ideas.

4. Cakes, Cakes, Cakes

When thinking of the design of your wedding cake be creative, incorporate unique designs, and have fun. What I love about cakes is the blank canvas it starts out as and through a great design, and dashes of creative ideas its amazing what you can create. I especially love the cake featured above because there’s just so many elements that add to its beauty that makes it an outstanding cake.

5. Express yourself!

Music, is a big part for the influence and inspiration of this wedding so incorporate some of your favorite songs from the artists you love in order to foster an entertaining environment for your guests.

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