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A holy mountain that will not fall

Dear Future Mountain Wedding,…..

Why do I love you so much? Well for starters your location isn’t to bad I mean your set in a beautiful scenic place that is surrounded by mother nature’s finest work. It also doesn’t hurt to be in a place set off from the craziness that can be found In the city, while I do love the chaotic nature of what accompanies a big city I must say there is an incredible peace found in your hideaway that happens when you take away all the materialistic aspects of life to just be present.

Now, I must say inspiration boards are how I organize my thoughts and ideas as you probably already know from the pages I’ve written pinned with pieces of cloth here and baby’s breath there. But what can I say there great snapshots of an event before it even takes place. I have to say I’m pretty excited for this mountain wedding inspiration board below.

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Now I am not entirely sure where all these wedding planning entries in this diary will lead in planning the details of my future wedding, but let’s be honest I’m not even engaged yet, maybe you should send a hint to my boyfriend in the form of a dream… But who says I can’t have fun in the meantime after all I am a wedding planner….

If I were to have a mountain wedding, these are some of the ideas I would LOVE to include…..

1. A handsome groom to sweep me off my feet.. I’m literally only 5 ft so that can’t be to hard.

2. Bouquet of freshly picked wild flowers

3. A wooden arch or branches aligned with pretty little flowers

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Last but not least…

4. A wedding cake too stunning to eat..


Till next time,



Mountain Wedding Credits:
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