6 creative ways to use mason jars at your southern wedding

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Southern Weddings Magazine Vol #5

Happy Friday y’all.

As if today being Friday doesn’t make me giddy with excitement I am happy to say I am about to head off to enjoy my 3 day weekend, thanks to the amazing veterans who have fought to make our country everything it is today. On Monday, I will be saluting to all those troops by showcasing a variety of incredible wedding involving our soldiers and and their wives. So stay tuned.

Today we’re about to dive into the lovely allure of mason jars. You can bet i’ll be showcasing these babies at my future wedding. What I love most about utilizing mason jars at weddings is how versatile and inexpensive they are. Who knew that one little glass jar could do so many things for so many brides planning their southern wedding. One thing I know from assisting with planning weddings, is that in order to have a remarkable one you don’t have to spend an incredible amount of money. I honestly believe it and I don’t plan on spending more than $8,000 dollars for mine. Yikes! 8,000… I know for some that may seem like a little and quite frankly impossible but with a little innovation I know it can be possible, I’ve seen it done before.  When that time comes i’ll be documenting every step of the way on the blog so you’ll know if I will have made that goal or not and my process along the way.

Now it’s time to showcase some of the mason reasons why I love mason jars in today’s Swooned Southern Detail


1. Gonna get a little bit sideways… : Instead of utilizing a countless amount of glasses for your guests, utilize mason jars as drinking cups decorated with each guest name to place on your centerpieces. Not only will your guest know where they will be seated, if you have a seating chart, but it’s a cute takeaway for them to remember you by.

mason jar drinking cups

From Pottery Barn

2. Light a Candle: Mason jars are also a great wedding accessory to use for candle table centerpieces. All you’ll need to do is place a candle that is several inches from the bottom of the mason jar and place it on your table decor. Want an extra added bonus of using mason jars as candles… they will also be a fireproof measure.

7 amazing ways to use mason jars at your southern wedding

From Every Last Detail {Rachel Peters Photography}

3. Smile- Take a Snapshot: Have you ever thought of using mason jar photo frames to place on your guest table. I think this idea will work best if you use a variety of glass jar sizes. If you want to add a unique twist of displaying your engagement photos this is such a cute way to go.

7 amazing ways to use mason jars at your southern wedding

From Red Stick Ranch

4.  Don’t be tardy for the party favors: Think hot cocoa in a jar wrapped with twine, or your grandmas best chocolate chip cookies stuffed in a jar wrapped in lace. There’s endless possibilities when using mason jars as party favors.

mason jar party favors

Hot Cocoa Mason Jar DIY From Samantha Richardson Blog

5. Light Up The Night:  Hanging chandelier mason jar centerpieces have got to be some of the most visually appealing ways to use mason jars. I love this idea because

7 amazing ways to use mason jars at your southern wedding

Hanging Chandelier From Woon Blog

mason jar lights

Oregon Wedding From Style Me Pretty {Amanda K Photography}

6. Here comes good ole baby’s breath: It should come as no surprise to you that me and baby’s breath go together like jam and peanut butter. The possibility of using baby’s breath mason jar centerpieces are endless. Let’s dive into the possibilities shall we.. Mason jar baby’s breath for hanging chandeliers, mason jar baby’s breath for table decor, mason jar baby’s breath for decorating the ceremony aisle.. and the list continues…

7 amazing ways to use mason jars at your southern wedding

Backyard Wedding in Philadelphia From Snippet and Ink {Morrissey Photo Photography}



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  1. That’s a wonderful idea about paying tribute to soldiers and their wives, excited to see Monday’s post!! …and loving those Baileys Hot Chocolate favors, please and thank-you!