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Finding the right venue to host your wedding at is one of the most important wedding planning tasks that needs to be checked off your wedding planning checklist quite far in advance. If you’re a bride who just started embarking on finding the right wedding venue you need to remember that booking a wedding venue is no different than booking a photography in terms of timing. Starting this process early is the best way to assure you secure you wedding date on the date you wish to have it.

Today I have an incredibly insightful info-graphic brought to me by Temple Tree Leisure a gorgeous wedding venue located in Bangalore, India that offers a variety of services for brides looking for a unique destination wedding venue. The following info-graphic offers 8 tips for selecting a wedding venue that will assist any bride planning a wedding find their venue with ease.

When selecting and researching a wedding venue remember to ask some of these questions:

1. Opt for Privacy– If your choosing to have an intimate wedding one question you need to ask yourself is which venue will provide great amenities with exclusive services.

2. Check for Space & Seating Arrangements- Determine the number of guests you wish to invite and find a venue that will accommodate for your attendees.

3. Seek a Place Away From City Noise– This tip is especially true for those brides having an outdoor wedding. You want to find a place that is not surrounded by heavy traffic, a train station, or other bothersome environment for a wedding.

4. Choose Nature as Your Setting– If your an outdoorsy, rustic, or nature loving bride it only makes sense to either incorporate these elements into your indoor wedding or find a venue outdoors that appeals to your interests.

5. Verify the Facilities– When researching venue make sure you bring a checklist with all the amenities you wish the venue to encompass. For example if you seek outside caters make sure you venue doesn’t have an in-house catering partner that you have to use.

6. Budget for the Venue– As we all know weddings can get expensive especially when you don’t budget properly. If the venue and photography is the most important thing to you than allocate a budget that you and your groom will be satisfied with.

7. Get help from supportive venue staff– Always remember the wedding staff is there to help you and is happy to do so.

8. ASK ASK ASK! I don’t think I can say this last statement enough. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, heck ask a hundreds during your wedding process if you must after all your wedding is such an important day and you want to be rightfully informed on all aspects of the planning process.


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  1. The last piece of advice is so important! Always ask questions!


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