Sweet Lilac Summer Wedding Inspiration Board

What do you get when you mix a dreamy wedding with shades of pale violet and light pink tones…. how about a sweet lilac summer wedding!

Lilac has always been another favorite color of mine. It is so enchanting, sweet, and rich and compliments a variety of colors so nicely. Rightfully so lilac was originally named after the color of the lilac flower which is quite lovely and a beauty to be seen.
lilac wedding inspiration board
I wanted to design a wedding story that showcased the color lilac at the heart of the wedding mixed with striking colors to make this wedding stand out. So I have assembled a fabulous assortment of lilac wedding ideas to showcase some of the endless ways you can incorporate the color lilac in your wedding.
Spectacular Details:
blueberry icecream

lilac wedding jewelry

Sweet Lilac Summer Wedding Inspiration Board
Lilac Bridesmaids Dresses seen on One Fab Day captured by SOSAC Photography, Decorative vintage floral plate seen on Avenue Lifestyle , Lilac wedding jewelry seen on Pinterest, Blueberries & Ice Cream Recipe by SheWhoEats

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  1. You had me at Lilac…and purple related color always gets me excited. The bouquet and blueberries photos are quite dreamy! Hi Charmaine 🙂

  2. Could you imagine a blueberries and ice cream dessert station at a reception?! I think anyone would call that perfection!

  3. This is SO pretty!