Citrus Crush Wedding Inspiration Board

Today I must admit I have a huge color crush with citrus orange.  Immediately when I think of orange I think of the citrus tree and all the wonderful fruits it encompasses. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and limes each of these fruits carry a bold color statement aside from their tangy flavors there’s not much you can’t love about them. Bold, zesty, bright, and colorful  just some things that come to mind when I think of this color. Now when you blend this orange inspiration board and build together warm touches of whites, light greens, and neutral shades you have a wedding that is making a bold statement with color.

orange inspiration board

Details to Love

Doesn’t this color just make you happy? I mean living in Florida were surrounded by orange groves from left to right so it’s no surprise I adore this color. Whether your a coastal bride or a Midwestern belle we all have to admit there’s nothing like an orange mimosas to set the mood and kick of festivities… okay maybe that’s just what I think but if you haven’t tried one yet you must get you hands on one soon.

gorgeous wedding ring

orange cocktail

Orange wedding inspiration board credits:
Orange cocktail seen on Martha Stewart , orange wedding cake seen on ruffled blog captured by Sweet Root Village, Lovely engagement ring seen on simple registry, beautiful bridal bouquet seen on ruffled blog captured by laura invanova

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  1. Bajan Wed says:

    Absolutely love this board Charmaine- very pretty, and the balance between the bright orange and neutral shades is pitch perfect!

  2. Love the monocromatics of orange here–so refreshing!

  3. Gorgeous hues! This zesty colour palette would brighten any big day.