Pretty in Pink wedding at the Historic Rock Castle

pretty in pink weddingBoy do I have a fun loving pink wedding for you readers today! Everything about today’s wedding at the Historic Rock Castle just brings a smile to my face because of how happy this couple is which you can easily see through their wedding photos beautifully captured by Sur La Lune Photography. The bride looked stunning in her strapless wedding gown from Davids Bridals and so joyful her smile just radiates the photos. I can’t say how much I adore this wedding folks. There’s a colorful array of pinks seen throughout that’ll make any girly bride fall in love with the details.






Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub003_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub010_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub014_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub030_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub031_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub037_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub044_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub045_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub046_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub048_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub054_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub075_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub085_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub097_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub098_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub109_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub119_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub121_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub129_low Barrow_Britt_Sur_La_Lune_Photography_hollyaustinsub131_low

Photographer:  Sur La Lune Photography//Caterer: 8 Lavender Lane Catering & Events//Museum: Historic Rock Castle//Hair Stylist:La Vie Salon//Floral Designer:Tis The Season// Bride’s & Bridesmaids dresses: Davids Bridals// DJ: Spangler Entertainment// Videographer: VIP Productions// Cake: Faboo Cakes-Hendersonville// Grooms attire: Men’s warehouse// Invitations: Personally made// Favors: Mason jar & sand shells

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. I always adore a pink and white palette and those bridesmaid dresses are so cute!

  2. Love the lakeside setting!

  3. I love how they used pictures frames on the aisle chairs. It adds such a sweet, personalized touch to the ceremony.