Offbeat San Francisco Vintage Wedding


san francisco vintage wedding

I’m all for showcasing a variety of unique wedding styles on the blog and I must say today’s Memorial day backyard wedding may just take the cake for offbeat wedded bliss! When Katie and Bobby were planning their San Francisco vintage wedding they knew they wanted to go against the grain and produce a celebration their guests would remember for years to come… Without a doubt I think this couple completely achieved that and  blew their guests’ minds with their creativity to produce an unforgettable wedding. For starters instead of having a traditional wedding cake the bride and groom opted for an ice cream cake. Think that sounds amazing well it didn’t just stop there they also decided to serve only barbeque as the main course…I mean come on who doesn’t love a bbq feast! Today’s wedding is one of those memorable ones that you just can’t forget.


Words from the photographer Natasha Gillett Photography:

Katie and Bobby met in a summer camp over a decade ago and have been head over heels in love ever since. Now that both are post doctorate Stanford graduates planning a move to Chicago they decided on a Memorial Day backyard wedding in the heart of San Francisco. Friends and family flew in from all over the US to see these two tie the knot in a urban oasis on top of Bernal Heights. The garden and house belong to artists and is listed on Air B and B. As students they were on a tight budget and sought out deals with various vendors via Thumbtack.


Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG6870_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG7075_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG62781_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG63528_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG63749_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG67384_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG68401_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG69342_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG70711_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG70731_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG72202_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG72323_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG73771_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG637610_low Malone_Gulotty_Natasha_I_Gillett_Photography_IMG641413_low

Photographer:  Natasha I Gillett Photography//Event Venue:Room with Magical Garden and Views//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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  1. Love all the bright colors! Such a pretty wedding.

  2. Vintage wedding perfection! Oh and that BBQ looks immense!

  3. Looks lovely! And the BBQ does look amazing!

  4. Beautiful wedding and I love the punchy colors in the photos. I don’t think I’ve seen a wedding that incorporates pinatas and bbq…but I wish it would become a trend.