Welcome to the NEW Rustic Folk Weddings

I am so thrilled to unveil the new Rustic Folk Weddings! Over the past few months I have been working with Melissa of Jelly Design Studio to revamp the blog and I honestly can’t be happier about the results! This redesign was a long time coming since I knew I wanted to transition the blog into a lifestyle wedding blog to make room for the new party submissions and diy features I wanted to showcase.

One of the biggest changes to the site is our homepage which features a widget style design, subscribe popup, and slideshow that incorporates our newest categories diy, lifestyle, recipes, and weddings. This section isn’t 100% complete yet but it will definitely be coming more together once I create more content to fit these categories

country wedding ideas

When you stumble upon the blog it has a much cleaner and cohesive appearance when you compare it to our last redesign here.

country wedding inspiration
lifestyle wedding inspiration

Our logo has gotten a makeover and now features calligraphy in grey water color which also matches our site background.

rustic folk wedding

Our vendor guide now features larger images taken by the talented photographers who captured the weddings we have showcased in the past.

wedding vendors

All of the quotes seen on the blog will now have a light boxed border to emphasize the quotes itself.


photographer quotes

In our widgets section you’ll find new updates including the “search by theme”, “search by topic”, “search by color” and more!

All of the site’s contact forms and a majority of our big pages have been redesigned. Here’s a snapshot of our new contact form.

wedding planning services

There’s tons of other changes you’ll notice in the pages and posts but these are just a few that were really big updates for the site.I’m really pleased with this design and don’t know how any of it would be possible with Melissa from Jelly Design Studio. While the site still has a few kinks to work out I’m really proud of it and hope you guys enjoy the new site!

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  1. This is so beautiful Charmaine, love it and huge congrats to you!! I’m so excited to see the fun lifestyle features coming this way!