The Ultimate Photo App and LyveHome Giveaway

Last year I went through a whirlwind of surprises and accomplishments that I’ll never forget. After studying event management and marketing in college for 4 years I finally graduated and it felt so good to reach that milestone in my lifestyle blog In addition to graduating over the summer I gave birth 10 days after …. Yes being pregnant in the summer is awful but I wouldn’t change going through the nausea, morning sickness, or dizziness for the world because I have my precious daughter.

best photo sharing app

Today I wanted to share with you guys about an amazing photo app called Lyve that allows you to seamlessly store and share all your photos and videos in one place. And for one lucky reader who downloads the app using my link below you’ll get the chance to win the LyveHome¬†which is a touch screen storage device which has 2TB of memory to backup your photos.

Now if you’re anything like me… you probably have thousands of photos on your phone and camera….

Hey, no shame guys…

What can I say I’m a photography nut. But as much as I love photography and taking photos sometimes I forget to look back on them all. What makes the Lyve App so great is you are now able to keep all your photos and videos digitally all in one place. Whether you are your phone or computer Lyve App makes it so easy to do so. There’s just so much you can do with this app like edit your photos, apply beautiful effects and categorize them to name a few.

Honestly guys this app is amazing! A few special great features about Lyve is that users are able to group share photos which makes it so much easier to share photos with friends and family from a wedding, graduation, party and more. In addition to that you can also download their mobile AND desktop version. You also don’t need to have the Lyve Home device in order to download and use the Lyve app.


Giveaway Entry: To enter in our giveaway please download the app and do the following:

1. Download the Lyve app for your phone or tablet (iOS or Android) by clicking the links below.
Lyve App (FOR IOS APP)
2. Find a picture that evokes an emotional memory of friends/family
3. Share your feelings around the photo/app in the comments of my blog post!

I’d love to see your photos on social media so once the app is downloaded find a photo that brings back a special memory and upload it on Twitter or instagram using the hashtag #MemoryLane.

The contest ends May 19, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST. Winner will be notified via email and through blog comment so please make sure you state your email in the comment below. You will have one week to claim your prize so be sure to check your email once the deadline passes.

(All entries will be checked by the creators of Lyve so make sure you follow each step)

best photo sharing app

Lyve photo sharing app
This post is sponsored by Lyve, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Thank you so much for supporting the brands and companies that partner with Rustic Folk Weddings.

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  1. She’s adorable- the both of you are too cute!

  2. nicole dziedzic says:

    I Downloaded the app on my desktop & my phone under my yahoo email: lil_lady_dz at yahoo dot com. The one photo that has a great memory was a family trip to Frankenmuth here in Michigan. We stayed at the Bavarian inn and rode on the riverboat. It was the first time in a long time that the entire family had been together to create some awesome new memories.

  3. Charmaine says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Nicole and I’m glad to hear it went well. One of the best things about this app is it’s ability to bring you back to memories just like that. Thanks for also including your email you have been entered in the giveaway:)

  4. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I downloaded the app using pokergrl8 at and I picked a photo from my friend’s wedding. I
    had a wonderful time and also really liked my dress. It was nice to
    catch up with everyone and enjoy a great night out.

    • Charmaine says:

      Thanks for sharing how the app brought back a previous memory and sending your email. If you are chosen make sure to check your email after the 22nd.

  5. My son going down the slide by himself. It made me feel happy and joyful because for a long time he was afraid to do it by himself.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  6. I recently downloaded the Lyve app and I was impressed by how easily it connected pictures saved on my computer and phone. While exploring its features and saved memories, i was able to find a long forgotten photo from my childhood and was almost instantly immersed in waves of joyous memories.

    • Charmaine says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience and glad that you were able to find a photo from your childhood. Don’t forget to leave your email to enter in the giveaway.

  7. Thomas Murphy says:

    I think the app is awesome! My favorite photo is one of my son on his first B-day eating cake!

    • Charmaine says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the app. Can I please have your email just in case you’re the winner chosen at random.