10 Adorable Gifts for the Pregnant Bride

Planning a wedding is without a doubt one of the most memorable moments a bride and groom will ever go through. So what happens when the bride unexpectedly realizes she is also about to embark on one of the greatest joys a women will go through..pregnancy. Where do you even begin with the gifts? Today I decided to start a fun wedding series featuring a ton of items to get for various individuals that are involved in the wedding party. Today I thought I would kick things off by showcasing some adorable items to get for the pregnant bride or newlywed.

For Girls:

Custom Glitter Onesie’s
Sequin first birthday outfit

Bloomer set
baby bloomer set

Set of matching mommy and me headbands
pregnant bride to be

For Boys:
Gift Sets
baby boy gift set

For Both:
A humorous card
pregnancy card

Custom baby picture frame
custom baby picture frames

Burp Cloths
oversized baby burp cloth

Picture Frames
baby picture

Cupcake gift baskets

custom gift baskets

Personalized baby block
personalized baby block

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