Circus Birthday Party

Birthday parties were always an event I loved attending when I was a little girl. I mean who doesn’t right? Little did I know 15 years later that interest would grow into the profession I adore today… event planning. The possibilities are endless when it comes to planning a birthday party and today’s circus themed… Read More…

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How to tie sequin bow

First you start with taking your two pointer fingers and place them through the hoops Take the right hand hoop and pull it out to the right and pull the left hand hoop to the left. This is how it should look with them pulled out. If you’re already on this step your ahead of… Read More…

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10 Adorable Gifts for the Pregnant Bride

Planning a wedding is without a doubt one of the most memorable moments a bride and groom will ever go through. So what happens when the bride unexpectedly realizes she is also about to embark on one of the greatest joys a women will go through..pregnancy. Where do you even begin with the gifts? Today… Read More…

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2015 Bridal Jewelry Trends with Simon G Jewelry

Whether you’re searching for the perfect ring, a bride on the hunt for the perfect gown, or planning a romantic getaway with a loved one, each occasion calls for finding that perfect accessory. Now who doesn’t love to sparkle and get all dolled up… I know I do! Let’s face it, with the wide variety… Read More…

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Colorado Foothills Apple Blossom Engagement

There’s something incredibly special shooting your engagement session around the childhood home you grew up in. For today’s Colorado based couple Eric and Tara they opted to do just this and what they ended up seeing was a gorgeous array of crab apple trees which were blossoming breathtaking pink and white apple blossoms. To say… Read More…

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