Disney Princess Jasmine Inspiration Board

disney princess jasmine

Disney Princess Jasmine is a very intelligent girl who longs to set her own path for herself despite what others want. She is not afraid to do what she wants, and that is one of the characteristics I love about Princess Jasmine. Her free-spirit nature is what in the end causes her to defy the path that was set for her and run away from what she knows. She soon quickly realized the ways of the world, once on the outside, than she meets Aladdin. He shows her adventure, mystery, and a different aspect of life. She’s a princess that is not only very pretty, but also is down to get into a little trouble and showcase strength is need be.

disney jasmine
Jasmine’s s character is also really smart, pretty on the inside and out, driven, and is determined to stand up for her beliefs and do what is just like all the Disney Princesses.

Kind, intellident, confident, daring, enthusiastic, strong-willed

All these characteristics are what embodies the following inspiration board for Jasmine, she’s the girl whose also very free spirited and is very determined to set her own path. She’s strong-willed, and a tad bit rebellious but in a good way.

The color palette behind this Jasmine inspiration board are dark and golden hues of orange, white,red, orange, blue, yellow, and gold.

Details to Adore:

disney princess jasmine weddings

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