4 tips to incorporate your bridal veil on your big day!

beautiful wedding photos

4 ways to incorporate your bridal veil on your big day/ Photographer by Elizabeth Messina

On your wedding day you have so many things running through your mind and sometimes you can forget to utilize the props around you and that’s why we love wedding photographers, their always their to save the day with their creativity to tell a beautiful story on your wedding day! My hearts is skipping a beat over these beautiful images!

1. Flower girl
bridal veil
Bridal Guide. Photographer Bobby Earle

2. Bride & Groom
bridal veil

Ella Photography

3. Bridal Portraits
bridal veils
Bridal Veil

Photo: Emme Wynn
Bridal caps

4. Getaway Car
bridal portraits
Getaway car- Elizabeth Messina

What are some other unique ways you think bridal veils can be incorporated?

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  1. Mary Murnane says:

    So many beautiful looks! Gorgeous images!


  2. Sara Burnett says:

    oh gawwww that flower girl photo is too precious!

  3. Although I’m not planning on getting married anytime soon, I love these ideas and pictures! It makes me want to get married:)
    Hugs & Kisses,