Black and white tie rustic wedding

Happy Saturday readers! Today I am elated to share with you a beautiful black and white tie rustic wedding at Vergers Charbonneau with a wide variety of succulent floral design and lovely rustic details captured by Caroline Lessard Photographe. Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick140TBL_lowThe bride and groom Fanny and Pierrick planned a wedding that incorporated a bold red color palette to compliment the black and white tie attire of the wedding party and guests. The bride wore a gorgeous corset black wedding gown that is a site to be seen. The groom and groomsmen wore chic black suits that were paired with vibrant red ties. The bridesmaids  styled their black gowns with petal red sashes that looked amazing. Just wait till you see it all yourself.


Words from the photographer Caroline Lessard Photographe

This rustic DIY wedding took place at Vergers Charbonneau on a sunny day. They got everybody to dress in black or white, and the theme color for the wedding was red. Despite every moment of this day was truly emotional and beautiful, I have to say that I have a little something special for this first look session. I just love to see the look of astonishment when they see each other for the first time. Always a touching moment for me as I feel truly special and lucky to be part of their special day. The couple session took place in the surrounding. One of my favorite catch are the pictures around the barn, I feel that their chemistry is so revealing in those pictures.

Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick29TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick56TBL_low



Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick86TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick92TBL_lowLajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick143TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick148TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick153TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick169TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick177TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick181TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick197TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick227TBL_low


Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick277TBL_low Lajeunesse_Pinard_Caroline_Lessard_Photographe_mariagefannypierrick300TBL_low

Rustic Wedding at Verges Charbonneau Credits:
Photographer:  Caroline Lessard Photographe//Other Location:Vergers Charbonneau//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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