DIY Printed Paper Bag Favors

Whether you want to add a personalized note to your kids lunch bag, in need of party favors for a birthday or wedding creating your very own DIY printed bags can be a fun and simple diy that allows you to be creative while adding a customized touch to your bags. For today’s DIY I’m going to show you how to print a special message on brown paper bags. Trust me guys it’s super easy and you probably already have all the materials at home!

DIY printed bags

Supplies you’ll need
Printer and computer with photoshop or other text editing software
Brown Paper bags
Hole Puncher
Painters tape
Ribbon, Lace Dollie or other decoration of your choice

diy printed bag tutorial

1. The first thing you need to do in order to create these bags is to figure out what you want your bags to say. In the bags featured above I chose “Thank You” and “Enjoy”.
2. Next you’ll need to open up your text editing software. If you have Microsoft Word that will work out perfectly and type in the phrase you created on a blank document.
3. Before you print the bags you’ll need to resize and center the document to fit the dimensions of your bag. In order to do this I went to File>Page Setup> and then paper size. For these bags the size was 5×7 but if you were using a standard lunch bag it would be around 5×10.
4. Once your document is resized it will be time to print make sure you tape your bags before you feed them in the printer to prevent paper jam.
5. The next thing you need to keep in mind is how will you face the document inside the printer to assure you it will print out correctly. For me I had to face the document print side down with the top of the bag facing forward. This step can be tricky so expect to make a couple mistakes before you face the bag in the printer the right way.
6. last thing you have to do now is print!

To design the bags I chose to punch two wholes at the sides of the bag. Once the holes were punched I just weaved some ribbon through the back of the bag and tied a bow in the front to dress them up. If you don’t want to use ribbon lace dollie’s or any colored ribbon would also work perfectly. These bags are super simple to create only require a few simple materials and there you have it custom bags perfect for parties or any festive celebration.

If your not DIY save you can also purchase these bags on our Etsy Shop here

wedding thank you

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  1. Great idea! I love DIY.

  2. Love this pretty ideas and easy to do aswell!