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Full disclosure: Rustic Folk Weddings is a daily wedding inspiration blog that showcases a variety of green and rustic wedding ideas. I always seek to showcase a wide variety of events seen on the web and to credit each image accordingly. If you see your image on our site without a proper credit, please feel free to contact me here and let me know. On Rustic Folk Weddings you will see paid advertisements which can be seen on the side bar, top header navigation, and footer in which a compensation was received. There will also be featured posts, banner ads, sponsored giveaways, and other forms media in which a cash compensation may have been received, and I want all of my readers to be aware of that aspect of this website. Once a business is featured on Rustic Folk Weddings, depending on the product and clientele, we know their peak in sales relies heavily on our readers word of mouth and interest in the service.

On this site I comply with the  FTC Guidelines  and I wouldn’t want to feature anything on this website that I personally did not feel was a great fit with our mission, readership and identity.  I will never feature a business or information that I did not personally feel would greatly represent Rustic Folk Weddings. All posts from a paid advertiser will be fully disclosed in our Vendor Guide page as a sponsored posts. All content, including but not limited to sponsored posts, vendor guide feature, topics, advertising content, giveaways, banners, or any additional content where compensation was received will be specified as such as a paid sponsored post or stated directly as a new vendor. As the sole creator of Rustic Folk Weddings, any post or opinion I give that is compensated will be from my honest perspective and belief of the product.  All the opinions and statements expressed in this website are solely based on the individual creating the content.

The Privacy Policy:
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Comment Policy and Procedures: The administrator of Rustic Folk Weddings reserves the right to delete any comment that is inappropriate or offensive to our readers and/or our viewers. Spam comments with questionable information will also be deleted. With that being said we welcome all our viewers to comment and engage in respectful feedback and communications.  All viewers who comment on this website retain the full rights to the comments that they post, however, I have the right to delete any comments submitted without notice or informed consent. 

Our Copyright Statement: Rustic Folk Weddings  is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial No Derivs 3.0 Unported License. Any reproduction on some or part of the content specifically created by the administrator of the website needs to be credited to the owner. You may not however distribute or use the content, on this website for commercial use without implied consent or credit. You are free to reprint or use my content for commercial use or on your website so long as you make it known, email me at info[@] rusticfolkweddings.com, or give credit on your business or website.

Website Content and Photo Credits: For all the photos and content featured on this website I try to always to give credit to the respective sources. Some of the content featured on Rustic Folk Weddings is from other websites around the web and I always aim to mention vendors seen on the original site and to site the website accordingly. If you happen to stumble upon something on the website that is not properly credited and you wish for the content to be changed, or if it  belongs to you and you don’t want it featured, please inform me of the issue and I will make changes accordingly to meet your needs. I always love featuring other websites on my  blog that greatly relate to Rustic Folk Weddings content, so if you want to do the same and feature something you see on my site on your website please share the link love and credit Rustic Folk Weddings accordingly.