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Can’t thank you enough for your interest in even wanting us to share your wedding/ event with everyone here at Rustic Folk Weddings. Around here I love submissions and would be very excited to feature your event on Rustic Folk Weddings. Whether you are a wedding photographer, mom to be with great diy project, or a bride with images from your bridal shower just contact me below to get started! At RFW, there’s a drive to strive and share rustic and green gorgeous weddings full of unique charm, memorable parties with great details., Feel free to email me a sample of your images at info @, contact me by filling out the form BELOW! In the next few weeks, I will be changing how individuals can submit their events and will be having the option of submitting via Two Bright Lights!

Below are some of the common questions I have found that are helpful in defining what we are looking to share on Rustic Folk Weddings!

What we gush about & love:

All types of green and folk events, from a sweet couple engagement session to a spectacular home renovation with incredible tips for families * There’s an aim to showcase photos with passion and details * There’s an admiration for creativity and the beauty of design * Always amazed by beautiful venues and the lovely stories behind every image.

What type of submissions are shared?

* All types of Green events * Lifestyle Tips * Weddings *Dinner Parties *Children’s Events *DIY ideas *Anniversary Celebrations *Styled shoots with fresh and vibrant content! We spread the peace and love around here for all rustic free spirit events.

Here’s what I require of our submissions!

How many images?

Since the amount of images from an event can exceed the hundreds we really only like to feature 10-15 images at most on our website. With that being said, if you are submitting an event we advise you to submit anywhere from 30-100 photographs depending on the type of the event. For weddings and big events, we require anywhere from 50-100 images including those unforgettable detailed captures, including portraits, ceremony and reception décor. For engagement and anniversary sessions, 30-50 images is more than enough. *Note, If you are a bride/groom submitting your wedding, please make sure you have permission to share your photos from your photographer first! For all types of other events including birthday parties, home design, or anything with a lifestyle feel 20-40 photos will be fine.

What type of information should I send?

Due to the fact that our readers, are looking forward to seeing a wide variety of events we ask that you please send a list of your vendors/artists with their website links, any special DIY projects details, and/or any other special things to note. (For photographers, brides, grooms, couples, birthday features, or any type of personal event, I would love to know details from you. These details can include anything from how the planning process was, favorite moment of the day, venue selection, music choices, or any advice you have for individuals looking to plan a similar event.

What size photos?

The images you send you be around 650 pixels across and can have watermarks.

Who do I send them to?

All submissions to Rustic Folk Weddings can be sent to my email at info @ Eventually as the amount of submissions increase I will be using Two Bright Lights, but for right now a email with an attachment of your images along with the details from the event will be perfect. When you send your email, please include “SUBMISSIONS” in the subject line of your email. I will be setting up a dropbox account if you prefer to send the images that way as well.

I am looking to share exclusive features on Rustic Folk Weddings I am always searching for fresh and vibrant content here on RFW, so be sure to let me know if you have featured this event on any other website, just so I can mention it in the post. In addition, we are forever searching for exclusive content to Rustic Folk Weddings, which means once you have been accepted to be featured on our website we request up to 90 days from your publication date before you can submit the same event to another website or magazine.

When will I know if my event (or other submission) will be featured? One of the things we adore is getting submissions and being able to contact with a wide variety of artists and individuals. If I feel your event will be a good fit for Rustic Folk Weddings I will contact you within 2 weeks of your submission date to inform you that I have chosen your work to be featured. I try to respond to all the emails I receive so if you do not hear from me right away, don’t fret, sometimes depending on how many submissions I get can take a longer time for me to respond. So don’t worry I will get back to you soon and if you work ends up not being featured just keep on submitting.

If your work is featured on Rustic Folk Weddings, please be sure to spread the love and showcase it on your social media site.