Which Disney Princess are you?


which disney princess are you

Esmeralda Disney Princess

Tiana Disney Princess

Jasmine Disney Princess

Cinderella Disney Princess

Rapunzel Disney Princess

Ariel Disney Princess

Pocahontas Disney Princess

For many girls out their the Disney Princess are more than just a story, but life inspirations as well. There’s Jasmine who was an Arabian princess who couldn’t help but want to lead her own path and not shortly after there was Tiana from Princess and the Frog who has a zest for life and fulfilled her passion by following her dreams and opened up her own restaurant. Walt Disney is truly an incredible visionary who showed the world that dreams indeed can come true, even when the world doubts your capabilities.

Now with so many Disney princesses, its time to determine which Disney princess are you! For the next couple of months, once a week, I am going to be featuring a new Disney princess, showcasing a little bit of information on their characteristics while topping it all off with doses of wedding and event inspiration. So be on the lookout for the following features of Disney princesses! Next week, I will be showcasing the beautiful Rapunzel as the first princess in this new series called Perfect Fairytale! … Which Disney Princess was your childhood favorite? I love all the Disney tales, but if I had to choose one it would probably be Cinderella, she lived in unpleasant conditions with her demanding stepmother yet through it all remained very positive and had overflowed with amazing grace. At the end, meeting prince charming in the unlikely of situations is just the sweetest story. And remember… to dream big, even when your dreams may seem unreachable anything is possible with a little magic and desire. Sparkling Credits: Disney princess

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