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Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long doses of pretty wedding inspiration. If you don’t quite know the story of Rapunzel, she is a girl who spends a lot of her days stuck inside a tower however she longs to be outside and explore the world around her. Eventually she meets Flynn Rider who, shows her a unique aspect of the world twisted in a fun adventure and finally she begins to explore and engage in the life she wants to live.

Rapunzel’s character really intelligent embodies spunk, spirit, and determination to stand up for her beliefs and do what is just like all the Disney Princesses.

Intelligent, Caring, Determined, Skilled, Individual, Artistic, Playful, Adventurous, Loves to travel and explore.

All these characteristics are what embodies the following inspiration board for Rapunzel, she’s the girl whose very free spirited and has a good head on her shoulder. She’s smart, is always willing to try something new and is very headstrong to accomplish her dreams. So if you have a Rapunzel spirit thriving throughout you this wedding inspiration board with event tips is all for you.

The color palette behind this Rapunzel inspiration board are light greens, magenta purplish pinks and white palettes!

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