11 incredibly cute themed engagement photos!

Movies have an incredible power of making us laugh, and cry all in one moment. Some movies like The Notebook tend to pull at your heartstrings and make you believe in love. While other movies simply allow you to enjoy good company with friends and family while laughing along the way like Bad  Grandpa. We all have our favorite movies that have never left our memory and are still kept in a shelf in our home where we frequently play back our favorite moments. Let’s face there’s nothing quite like a good movie and the moment when you mix an engaged couple who decides to base their engagement session on a particular movie they love, magic is created. notebook themed engagement I adore tons of wedding blogs, but Green Wedding Shoes happens to be one of my favorite wedding blogs. Jen, the editor, has a knack way of showcasing a variety of weddings, engagements, fashion, and styled shoots that makes you want to browse her site for hours. You can bet all the photographers, stylists, event planners, florists and other vendors she showcases truly love what they do and their great at it. One of the things I adore most about her site is you never quite know what you’re going to expect, but every time you do stumble upon the content on her site you leave entertained with tons of event inspiration for your next soiree. A majority of the engagement sessions you’re about to see can be found on Green Wedding Shoes….. I told you her site’s amazing:)

As Rustic Folk Weddings continues to grow and step outside the boundaries of not just showcasing rustic weddings but moving towards featuring all types of unique weddings, I hope to emulate a similar a sense uniqueness in my wedding blog. Now, the following engagement photos may just make you laugh, and want to watch all your favorite movies again all the while snuggled up to someone special. The following 6 themed engagement sessions you’re about to see hopefully will spark creativity in you for your upcoming engagement session. Enjoy. 1. The Circus

circus themed engagement session

From Green Wedding Shoes { Brandon Kidd Photography} Styling by So Happi Together

2. Football Themed

10 cute themed engagements

From Mason Jar Moments Photography Couple Arielle & Chris

3. The Notebook

notebook themed engagement

From Green Wedding Shoes { Blushing Bride Studio}

4. Alice in Wonderland

alice in wonderland engagement

From Green Wedding Shoes, {Three Nails Photography} Couple: Garret & Bailey

5. Up up themed engagement session {Jenny Thai Photography}

6. Christmas

10 cute themed engagements

From Pocket Full of Dreams {Melissa McCrotty Photography}

7. Christmas

christmas themed engagement sessions

From The Sweetest Occasion, Haley Sheffield Photography

8. Bonnie & Clyde

10 cute themed engagements

From Polka Dot Bridemyfotobox} 9. Military Themed

10 cute themed engagementss

From Done Brilliantly {Steph Jones Photography} Couple: Nikki & James 10. Carnival Themed 10 cute themed engagements

From Once Wed  { Britta Schunck Fotografie}

11. Star Wars

10 cute themed engagements

From Ohanablog Photographers Couple Rachelle and Patrick

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  1. Movies do make for great inspiration! Love these ideas.

  2. Bajan Wed says:

    Lol, oh my goodness, so adorbs! Great engagement inspiration!

  3. custombetty57 says:

    For my wedding, my fiancé and I decided to have a rustic themed wedding since we’re both into nature. I considered wooden invitations but I wasn’t sure. I saw the beautiful wooden wedding invitations that Unique Custom Products had created and I was SOLD! We had complete control over what was on our invites and we even engraved a picture of us on it! They also offered matching save the dates and reply cards to complete the invitation suite. I received our invitations yesterday – they are absolutely beautiful! They’re perfect! I would definitely recommend them to any meticulous bride who is looking for a unique way to invite her guests to her special day! Call Ormond on (877) 282-9591 or check them out at http://www.wood-invitations.com

    • Rustic Folk Weddings says:

      Thank you so much for providing the readers with that information, I just visited the website and those invitations would really be the perfect invites for a rustic wedding.


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