Colorado Foothills Apple Blossom Engagement

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There’s something incredibly special shooting your engagement session around the childhood home you grew up in. For today’s Colorado based couple Eric and Tara they opted to do just this and what they ended up seeing was a gorgeous array of crab apple trees which were blossoming breathtaking pink and white apple blossoms. To say this engagement session was gorgeous is an understatement. Thanks so much to Dan Hand Photography for sending us these lovely images.

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Special words from the photographer Dan Hand Photography

While many parts of the country relish the coming of Spring and Cherry Blossoms, in Colorado we celebrate the blooming of Apple blossoms. For a short period of 3-4 weeks crab apple trees all over the state in shades ranging from white to pink. Tara and Eric live in Northern Colorado (Greely) but were in Longmont (Boulder County) for engagement photos in the rural farming neighborhood were Eric was raised. We spent time on a few on a few of the neighborhood farms where there was a beautiful contrast from Tara’s Poufy pink tutu and the warn wood and rusted metal of farming life. We ended the engagement session visiting Eric’s childhood home where there happened to be a number of small crab apple trees blossoming beautiful white and pink in a gorgeous gauntlet of other trees and tall grass just behind the house where he grew up. The view was spectacular. Tara’s tutu was sold by 2live2love on Etsy.

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Colorado Foothills Apple Blossom Engagement Credits:
Photographer: Dan Hand Photography

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